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Experience the Latest in Low-intensity Laser Therapy in Port Dover

Dr. Shawn A. A. Suprun and the staff at Port Dover Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Centre are proud to offer the latest in low-intensity laser therapy in Port Dover. You will enjoy the most advanced and comprehensive laser treatment from the industry leaders at BioFlex®. Through extensive research and ongoing testing, BioFlex has developed a dynamic system that can help with a variety of conditions.

Injuries and Conditions Treated at Our Clinic

Are you wondering if low-intensity laser therapy is the right treatment for you and your condition? Our team can answer almost all the questions you might have. The list of conditions we can treat are:

Soft tissue and sports injuries

Inflammatory conditions

Repetitive strain injuries

Back problems

Neurological conditions

Give us a call today for a consultation or book an appointment! Our experienced team will examine your condition and will go beyond to improve your mobility and reduce pain.

Spinal Decompression Treatment

We offer spinal decompression therapy as an alternative to surgical treatment.

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